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 Our mission is to provide a community of like minded individuals to share stories and opportunities with the members who have a common goal. "billionaire status". we are developing clothing and art that represents reminders of our financial goals and will use the bdfl token to provide an exclusive club membership and form of exchange for our bdfl branded merchandise. Bdfl membership also gets you access to the (deb club) which is our partner digital estate brokerage firm which will allow members entry to events online and offline. there are a limited amount of memberships equal to the amount of 1st round coins and only coin holders can sell or give memberships to others. 


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Robert Dickens

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Making Progress in this digital world is everchanging territory. With collective minds and resources we can make it on the other end of this mystical jungle with treasures unmatched! ~R. Dickens

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BDFL Gold Card - NFT

With the BDFL Gold Card NFT. You will have access to 1 Privately held BDFL TOKEN. 999 Early vested members will have unlimited access to all future BDFL products and services for little to no cost. Lifetime online and physical event passes and full access to Gold Card holder only deals and private rooms.  Also first access to the multiple future crypto projects in process. 

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Billionaire Figures Only

Potential members should only pursue if you are actively seeking Billionaire status in the financial world and making progress in doing so. We also accept models, public figures, community activists and small business owners as a strong network ensures the success of its members!